Hello, everyone! We're working hard on improving TRAPZ.IO. Version history is available below.
If you've any suggestions/bug reports - feel free to contact us Have fun!


0.7 (28/07/2018)
> Warning! Through an astral energy portal the world of TRAPZ was invaded by a gargoyle!
> Seek and destroy it, brave warriors. A generous reward and a mortal danger await!
> Exploit fixes.

0.6 (20/03/2018)
> Added skins you can get by reaching goals, like collect 100 gold in a single game.
> Now your sword color changes with kills! 0-9 white, 10-29 green, 30-79 blue, 80+ reds. Spill more bl00d!

0.5 (20/03/2018)
> Prices for health & damage upgrades are now higher to make the level up process longer and avoid pwnage of lvl1 players by those who level up too quickly.
Upgrade prices changed from 1-10, 2-20,3-30 to 1-10, 2-30, 3-60, 4-100, 5-150. Have fun!

0.4 (15/03/2018)
> When you die in a trap you drop your coin purse which can later be picked up by you or someone else
> Money can now be spent on health and damage upgrades
> Added a stats window at the top-left corner of the screen
> Added Leaderboards (most gold, kills, playtime daily and weekly)
> We now have a Facebook page
> Bad trap behavior fixed
> Additional bugfixes (crown is now heavier etc :))

0.3 (07/03/2018)
> Fixed the spawn point in the top left corner
> Fixed the issue of invincible users suspended in mid-air
> Added a pretty loading screen
> Added 'Version history' link to the main page
> Added 'Featured YouTuber' link to the starting screen
> Changed the sound on/off icon
> The sound on/off button no longer disappears on death
> Top player now wears a crown. Go get 'im, boys!

0.2 (05/03/2018)
> Added Canada-based server
> Added notifications on kill
> Room leaderboard numbers fix
> Cosmetic changes (font, borders etc)
> Sound fixes (coins / hearts)
> Performance fixes
> Bad nicks transform into good ones :)
> Anti-zoom browser fix

0.1 (02/03/2018)
> Alpha version released